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Yoni magna special messege to Zamedkun

The Sound of Struggle Reminds them of the gap in its completion and destination, and the gripping and costly trial of the Merseys’ liberation is a kind of waterfall … The why and how question arises, including the entities that are entrusted with the Maghulls.  Where are you

   What’s happening?  Following the rise of the question, just as others have been asked, where are our 17 Resolution Committees? Just because they have been asked what our struggle has been, some… have begun to crave a party that says “What does the 17 Committee do?

First of all, what we remember for these weary critics is that (maybe if they forgot them emotionally) our struggle is not a matter of Dean, but a matter of political and personal interest… I don’t think that I should be tolerated, because I know that my ban is popular.  Only to stand on the side of reality … !!

Yes, it is in accordance with this principle that all should be blamed and praised… otherwise trying to break the truth by breaking the balance….  As a result, we try to look at the ideas that these thinkers defended so that they would become a thorn in their “mind” for the sake of making things better.

  The issue of sacrifice # Issue 17: The idea of ​​chasing down people who are quick to criticize resolution committees is a matter of sacrifice.  You never say never, because you have sacrificed.

The issue to be noted here is that no one in Ethiopia has ever been admitted or denied by any of the hard-working and bold struggles that have cost our committees.  Because a visually appealing scent that is visible… purity is a clear issue

In this case, the Committee has to fix it, and there is something that needs to be corrected … It is no different than tearing down their self-sacrifice and disobeying it in the face of their self-sacrifice…

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