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The Amhara National Regional State Council of Scholars has announced that it will actively monitor the response of the Amhara people to the administration’s boundaries and identity issues.

The founder of the council and chairman of the education cluster, Dr. David Mekonnen (Dr.), who was with Abmed, said the conference is monitoring the issues of identity and boundaries in the region.  Dr. Dawit also said that he believes that the establishment of the Boundaries and Identity Commission will be seen in the future, but he believes that an organization has been set up to address the issues in an institutional manner.

He said the council will also participate in the decisions made by the commission.  He said the commission will make recommendations, adding that the council will actively participate in the decision-making process in accordance with the recommendations.  “When the studies are made public, does it reflect the demands of our people by participating appropriately?  We will follow up. ”

Dr. Dawit said that raising the values ​​of the Amhara people is another agenda that the scholars’ council will focus on.  “If you don’t take care of the values, they will be lost,” he said, adding that he would work to identify and preserve the values.  He said values ​​are interactive and lively, adding that they will work to include them in the curriculum in the next ten years.  He also said that they are working with the education bureau to formulate a curriculum for the generation to learn and develop.

“Through our participation in shaping the curriculum, we will create a way for values ​​to be included and to be included,” said Dr. Dawit.  He urged the public to do their part to maintain the values.  He said the people of Amhara should abide by the rule of law, self-confidence, non-violence and other great values.  He also said that some weak values ​​should be strengthened by building institutions.

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