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One person died from coronavirus infection at a Boro field isolation center.The office announced that 22 people have been infected with corona virus in North Shoa Zone, according to the Bureau of Health.

Bahirdar June 20, 2012 (WIC) – Of the 22 people found with coronavirus in North Shoa Zone, the department said 16 people are looking for it.

North Shoa Zone Health Department Prevention and Control of Community Health Threats Case TIM Coordinator Atolauw Tadesse told Ahmed that he had been diagnosed with 79 cases and 22 had been diagnosed.

The coordinator said 36 of the 79 investigators had spinal cord infections, and 16 of them had coronavirus.  It was also discovered that one of the infected persons was found dead in Mojana Wright district.  A week ago, the department also announced that four of the 45 people who were found alive at the funeral home of Ansaro and who have had direct contact with the person have been infected.

One person was also infected with the virus from Debre Sina town of Tamaraber district.  The facilitator said he was engaged in the hospitality ministry.

It is also known that four individuals found in Essoro district are being brought to Debre Lighting Medical Center.  The driver said 16 of the 22 people who were diagnosed with the virus were not identified and searched.  It is also known that the work of finding people with direct contact with individuals has begun.

Author: Akbar

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