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Where is ALLAH? | by Sheikh Mohammed Hamiddin new dawa

This Muslim community we are called is a community of all Allah’s messengers from Adam (Prophet Muhammad) to our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).  Envoys and their followers are known as the Ummah in the history of mankind, the people of Islam.  Every Muslim is responsible for this Ummah.  Therefore, a Muslim is not worthy of being called out of this people by any means of brotherhood or friendship.

This nation of people who put their faith in Allah has passed through two stages of history: the first step – the sending of Muhammad (SAW) and the second stage – by Muhammad (pbuh).

Prior to Muhammad, the message of Islam was directed to a specific section or area of ​​a society.  This means that the messengers of Allah were sent to a certain people or classes.  The messenger would deliver his message and call upon Allah only to his people in the area where his people lived.

Allah narrates to us in the Qur’an that all the prophets, from Nuh to Hood, from the Shu’ayb to the Salih (may Allah be merciful and peace be upon them), pass through this state.  Then the message of every call was: “O my people!  My people! ”  That was.  In the gospel, the Prophet Asa said, “Peace, I have been sent to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.”  The Messenger of Allah is Muhammad.

He said: “A prophet was sent only to his people.” (Bukhari and Muslim).  “My people!”  The call was, “People!”  “Man!”  All human beings are obligated to follow a messenger of Allah.  This is the messenger Muhammad.  There will be no other messengers.  It is also unacceptable to follow a messenger before us.  When Allah spoke of Prophet Mohammad, he said:

“But it is the Messenger of Allah and the end of the prophets.”  He said, “After me there is no prophet.”  (Bukhari and Muslim). In fact, “If Musa (the Prophet) was alive he would have no choice but to follow me.”  Time.  Are you sure?  Have you taken my covenant upon this? ‘  They said, ‘Confirm’.  “Then bear witness, and I am with you witnesses.”  (Eli Omran 3, 81)

In this way, all human beings of a diverse community became white and black, yellow and red, both in Asia and in Europe, in the United States, and in Africa;  They also need to follow their lead and become guided by it.  They must live up to God by living by his laws and religion.

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