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Ustaz Wehid Vs pastor Hailu || interview with abdurehim

Following the Danube and bringing about new issues in the case of Dania (Itbaba Fidel Wolibadi Fahum al-Dinah)4. Taking information well from the source and using the results of the brilliant mind (Sahlit Nakt Shealthalt:)

This means that, in the context of analyzing Islamic information, it embraces the sharia view of various Islamic educational institutions, which uses data from the source and analyzes them according to their own perspective (Destination al-Asr).

5. Cultivate the World and Live by the Spirit: It means to be balanced in material and spiritual matters.  Dunia is a working country to beautify the Aurora House.  He would have to adapt to the Shriaa Road for his performance in Dunya and spiritual matters.

6. Establishing jihadhad in the right person and in the right place: According to the Middle Ages, eThitid is the source of the Sharia law, which is completely closed and open to anyone else.

7. Persevere in the purpose of the Shari’ah and consider that the purpose of the Shri ዓላማyah can be different8. Maintaining a Balanced View on Heritage: This means that the artifacts (the work of early Muslim scholars) include a balanced position between the sanctity of sacredness and the defamation of artifacts.

9. Maintaining the Balance of Man: Man is a mind, spirit and material being.  He is also a gifted genius.  He therefore believes that there must be a balanced building between human development.

10. Presenting the Good in a Thoughtful and Proper Way: How many good things are transmitted by the means of paralyzing them.  Others have seduced and sworn in their seductive and useless cause.  Thus, the Middle Ages accepts the truth in a beautiful manner and in a proper manner for the contemporary.

11. Combined educational advice / clean up and legal action: It uses religious edification and legal corrective action (TEDB) effectively to reconcile one’s destiny and maintain the twisted system.  In the same case, Dunia takes the right path in six areas, among which are the “presence of the dean and the presence of a law-abiding leader” (Al-Dinah and al-Din Limelweider

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