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Ustaz Abuhayder amazing work To Day

Allah has chosen Allah’s Messenger because Allah has chosen the Messenger of Allah and sets them apart from the other Prophets.  Separate them by giving them a different sharia than Shriam.  He has also surpassed them in leading a full and clear path.  They have made their Ummah different from other peoples. 

The Ummah of Allah is the best of the people you know the earth.  He is respected by other peoples.  In the past, different peoples took different positions in terms of truth, but this Ummah was guided in the right path by the teachings of the Qur’an and the Messenger of Allah. 

Therefore, he has made this Ummah moderate, fair, and excellent.  This Ummah placed him in the middle of the names of Allah and His attributes, His messengers and His books, and the Decree of Deity, Halal and Hiram. ”

Although this is the position of the goddess, there are different approaches to this behavior.  Among them are some of the most enduring and enduring ways of defining the path of drought.  There is also a tendency to cover one end, and sometimes the label to cover the error.  The one who uses this method to cover up the lie, the external deon, and the internal divine.  In the middle of this, the intersection between the two extremes (al-Euphrates) – the extremity and laxity.

What is the Middle Ages?The middle way is not always meant to be at two ends.  Because this is the last Ummah.  Medium means that this Umma is medium.  This means that it is best and fair.  God

“And so We have made you a great people, that you may be a witness against mankind, and that the Messenger may be a witness against you.”  He said, “We are the last and foremost people.”  (Buhari)

This is a safe way for anyone to practice the Sharia without relenting and changing from the Islamic sharia.  In fact, it is the only true way to draw from a clear source.  There is no middle ground for the Ummah to prosper and to spread the good, in accordance with the unity of God, to establish brotherhood among the people, and to give all those under the shadow of Islam the right they deserve.  The Qur’an

“And so We have made you a great people, that you may be a witness against mankind, and that the Messenger may be a witness against you.”  (Al-Baqara, “The correct one said,” Did I not say to you, Why do you not glorify Allah? “) (Al-Color, 28)

The way they take the Tethis means that they are very fair and very bright.  Satyat means the balance of things.  To this, three men came and said to the people who saw the Messenger of Allah’s mission-Ibadan: “May Allah be with me!  Allah is the most fearful and cautious of all of you.  But I fast, I create, I bow down, I lie down, I take a wife.  He is not a true follower of my Sunnah ”.  In reply.  (Moses Ahmed).

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