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ustaz abubeker important messege for all

Fasting is the historical Ramadan fasting.  In our generation we are at a unique historical moment where we cannot even imagine what future generations may experience even after us, with the mosques being closed, mosques closed, fasting in the absence of communal worship and rituals.  During this historic Ramadan, we should all make our own history. 

We must also be prepared for the great deeds of this historic Ramadan when we stand up for our account with Allah, perhaps the Day of Judgment.  The good works that can undermine our mathematical courage can be embodied in this chapter.

This should be a time for us to revive our own history, especially if this morning of Ramadan is a time for us to revive our own history, especially if we were to stop at the dawn of the day.  The absence of euphemisms, rituals, and the like,

have turned our works into personal accounts left between us and Allah alone.  It is a historic moment for us to show what God’s commandments and worship mean to each of us individually and to show our relationship with God when God leaves us alone and with us.

This is exactly what we can say that Ramadan is a grace that is in trouble.  There is comfort in trouble and let us turn this moment of crisis into comfort.  The problem that draws a slave closer to God is a problem that needs a solution that is beyond the power of the Creator.  Let’s make Ramadan a great school of difference in the personal days of Ramadan that are limited by our relationship with Allah.

I wish Ramadan to be a crucial time for us to refresh our own story, which is remembered by God before and during Ramadan.  And I pray that he will receive us in good works.  I would like to urge all of us to protect our country from being subjected to this horrible pandemic.

In this instance, I urge Ramadan to fulfill our religious and national responsibilities in response to the call for a “table-sharing” at the national level.Ramadan Mubarak!

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