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Ustaz abubeker ahmed special messege

In August 1996, in order to avoid holding elections in the fourth year of the election, the Majlis leadership decided to amend the constitution to hold elections every five years.  The security services also appointed Elias Redman as vice president of the Majlis.

Sheikh Sufi Abdurahman, a speech impedimentist, was given the presidency in absentia from Saudi Arabia.  According to the amended constitution, the 5th anniversary of the election of the Majlis will be held in April 1997, so we will end the Majlis election and come to the Majlis election.

  Due to the post-1997 political crisis, no elections were held.  The people who were assigned to the 1992 election and the Security Council stayed until 2001.  Hajj Omar Idris, the current president of the Addis Ababa Majlis (now the president of the Majlis), has been criticized by the Muslim community.

The government decided in January 2001 that the leadership of the Majlis be changed due to tensions between the Vice President of the Federal Majlis.  In April 2001, the government appointed Sheikh Ahmadinejad’s Chelo faction as the interim government for a period of no more than a year and a half until elections were held.

Before the May 2002 election, Muslims called for a Majlis election.  It is said.  At the end of the 2002 election, the so-called “temporary” Majlis leaders said, “We are not temporary, we are permanent.”

In July 2003, they came up with an agenda to force the government to train them.  Opposition groups called for a boycott of the mosque in 2004.  Despite strong opposition to his release, new leaders came to the Majlis on September 27, 2005, claiming that federal elections had been coordinated.

In the run-up to the May 2007 elections, the government implemented two strategies to prevent the Muslim people’s struggle from escalating.  They discouraged the mediators by saying, “The prisoners will be released.

The elders and many others who did not believe in the promise did not understand the strategy of the security forces and did their part to slow down the Muslim struggle.

  In addition, on February 15, 2007, the General Assembly of the Majlis was convened by the Security Council.  On the same day, Sheikh Kiyar Mohammed Aman, President of the Majlis, was replaced by Sheikh Amin Amin Jamal, Sheikh Kedir by Umar Imam Kombolcha, and Secretary General Dr. Mohamed Ali was replaced by Sheikh Fadil.

The security forces confirmed that they had weakened the Muslim struggle, and extended the daily court date of the detainees after the election. Not only was it a distraction, but the elders, who seemed to be truthful, were dispersed. After the election, he was convicted of terrorism.

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