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The dam hits journalist Al Arusi who says it must be hit!

What are the major challenges facing change?  What do you believe is their source? Professor Adam Kamil: The main problem for me is the politics of difference that we have been pursuing for the last 30 years.  Differences rather than unity;  Hate rather than love.

Our political system, which has chosen to fall together instead of growing together, has handed over the country to an internal enemy as well as to an external enemy.  Even countries that have not had the courage to invade Ethiopia in the past have been able to invade our borders.

as they have always been able to take advantage of those who do not always want to strengthen Ethiopia.  Some are determined to destroy the country.  The Benishangul-Gumuz region, where the Renaissance Dam is located, has emerged.  So, now is the time to strengthen unity.

New Era: How did you find the government’s crackdown on the TPLF extremist group? Prof. Adam Kamil: It is no secret that the reaction of any country to the military is worse.  He chose the apostate path of the Tigray Defense Forces, which had been waiting for Tigray for 21 years, and was unexpectedly attacked by the TPLF. 

He was a hero of the army, so they shot him in the head, knowing that they would not defeat him if they confronted him.  They drew attention to their apostasy.  But because he was a hero, the army strengthened itself again and defeated them. 

It was the end of their existence.  Therefore, the government’s action against the destructive and apostate group by mobilizing the people is appropriate.  No country has ever resorted to any more law enforcement campaigns.

New Era: How do you describe the threat posed by the TPLF extremism to national sovereignty? PROFESSOR ADAM CAMIL: Once upon a time, I had the opportunity to talk to a young man who had lined up for a study abroad.  Most were young, and most were women.

Even these young people know nothing about their country, let alone their country of origin.  He comes from one region and knows nothing about the other.  One does not know the identity and culture of the other.

Even young people who claim to be born in Addis Ababa do not know Saris’s asshole;  Bole doesn’t know Gulelen.  A common culture for young people;  They are designed so that they do not have a common identity.

This is a conspiracy to weaken the country and prolong its rule.  Many members of the former administration call themselves Ethiopia.  They do not see themselves as Ethiopians;  They were not concerned about the unity and sovereignty of the country. 

They have undermined Ethiopianness by hiding all over the nation instead of unity.  We have come to the point where it is considered shameful to be Ethiopian.  Citizens who claimed to be Ethiopians were also persecuted.  Now, countries like Sudan have been able to invade Ethiopia’s borders with confidence, relying on the path opened by the previous TPLF regime.

New Era: How do you see the international community’s misguided approach to peacekeeping?Prof. Adam Kamil: The international community is now in the wrong position on Ethiopia.  He took this position through a campaign to destabilize Ethiopia, both at home and abroad. 

Unfortunately, we have noticed that our country’s opposition is betraying the sovereignty of the country.  When we have to solve our internal politics on our own, we are serving as fuel for countries that want to disintegrate the country.  So we are the ones who have caused the international community to take a wrong stand.

It is well known that the law enforcement campaign in Tigray is an Ethiopian issue and everyone wants to get involved.  Given Ethiopia’s importance to its environment, everyone wants to ensure its involvement in the country’s internal affairs.

It seems to them that the current government, which is unkind to many, is preaching unity and working to restore Ethiopia’s sovereignty.  As a result, there are more and more people who are trying to make ends meet.

If we could have resolved our case on our own, we would not have created a favorable environment for Ethiopia’s enemies.  One thing we must not forget is that if the international community had taken a stand, it would not have been able to negotiate Ethiopia’s sovereignty.

New Era: What is the current situation in East Africa? Prof. Adam Camille: East African politics is not currently considered safe from Egypt.  In light of Egypt’s destabilizing policies, Egypt is likely to infiltrate every country and work to harm Ethiopia.

In particular, before the second flood, there is no stone unturned to destabilize Ethiopia and prevent the international community from building the dam.  They know that if Ethiopia completes the second filling, all Egypt’s ambitions will be swallowed up and the dam will be self-sufficient.

But before that, there will be no holes that you do not dig.  Therefore, by the end of the winter, the Egyptians are using their last resort to destabilize Ethiopia and put pressure on it in various ways.  That is why international pressures on Ethiopia are mounting.

Egypt is reversing its centuries-old position of denial of its African identity and is taking African countries into its own domain.  From the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to the current presidency of the African Union (AU), Kenya has been lured by various schemes.

Currently, Djibouti and South Sudan are in good standing.  If these countries do not have a strong diplomatic presence in Ethiopia, it is unknown what will happen tomorrow.

Egypt, on the other hand, has a significant influence on Egypt.  They reversed relations between Ethiopia and Sudan during Al-Bashir’s rule and took control of Sudan.  However, it is important to look at the Sudan issue in two. 

One is the military wing;  In Sudan, the military is unpopular.  In particular, the people did not accept his friendship with Egypt to weaken Ethiopia.  That is why Al-Sisi recently faced strong opposition when he entered Khartoum.

The military is coming to an end and wants to prolong its rule by plunging the country into war.  However, the idea was rejected by the Sudanese people and he did not dare to go to war.

The civil administration has a zealous attitude towards Ethiopia.  It is believed that the two countries will return to normalcy, especially when they take full control of the military.

Both the civilian administration and the entire Sudanese people believe that Sudan would be the second Yemen and Syria if Ethiopia did not negotiate with the Sudanese opposition through its Prime Minister.  Therefore, it is important to understand that Sudan’s aggression is only linked to its military wing.

Major Somalia and Somaliland are trying to persuade the Egyptians to side with them in various ways.  In particular, they are focusing on Somaliland and persuading them to support their position, including their political interests. In general, the undeniable fact is that Ethiopia is the founder of the African Union and the seat of the office

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