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But more than 100 quintals of produce can be obtained by using the best seed, Dr. Ermias Abate, deputy director of research and researcher of the Amhara region, explained.  This means that the farmers who use the best seed will get up to four times as much as those who do not use the best seed.

It was only 20 years since the maize crop was planted that it was only grown for 20 years.  At this time, 535 thousand hectares of land in the Amhara region is covered with maize.  For a hectare, an average of 25 kg of seed is needed.  Accordingly, 133,750 quintals of maize is needed for the Amhara region alone.

However, Wonderma farmers in West Gojam Zone said they are experiencing a shortage of maize crop.  Farmers and agricultural experts we spoke with said that there is a huge shortage of produce in Wadead and Gond kebeles. 

He noted that despite the shortage of good supply of seeds from the government, the maize crop is being sold in the black market.  The farmers we met while transporting soil fertilizer from coastal woredas around the coast gave us the same idea.

There are 540, 545, 546 maize varieties, including the high-yielding maize crop.  The head of the Amhara Regional Agriculture Bureau, Dr Mekonnen, told Amhara Television that an agreement has been reached to supply 21,000 quintals of Lemon seed.  However, 2 thousand quintals were withdrawn without the consent of the Bureau. 

The sown best seed covered 8,400 hectares of land to meet the needs of many farmers.  According to his calculations, using the best seed from 8,400 hectares of land to produce 8,400 thousand quintals of seed was reduced to 252 thousand quintals.  The bureau said the best seed is being given to investors engaged in agricultural investment in the region, but the experts are not recognized. 

Experts from the Ministry of Agriculture and the Regional Bureau of Agriculture said that it was not as accurate as they had been given by people.  He said that the best seeds are widely marketed by farmers.  He said the department is working to identify the people and institutions that committed the offense and take corrective action.

Why are farmers dependent on Liam?According to Dr. Jeremiah, 546 corn is better able to withstand disease.  It also offers a comparable product with lemon.  However, the diversity of the demonstrations on the varieties made the difference in farmers’ preferences. 

Agricultural Extension Experts have not introduced the benefits of other species, including 546.  Their dependence on only one seed can lead to shortages and cost farmers a fair price.  According to the researcher, using a variety of seeds on 535 thousand hectares of land is advisable for

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