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Ethiopians living in Norway and Ethiopians of Ethiopian descent hold internet fundraising for the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Ethiopians living in Norway and people of Ethiopian descent in collaboration with the FDRE Embassy in the Nordic countries held an online fundraising forum for the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

Ambassador Diriba Kuma, FDRE Special Envoy and Plenipotentiary Ambassador to the Nordic countries, delivered an opening speech on the Internet.

Just as our forefathers stood together in the victory of Adwa and upheld the sovereignty and unity of our country, so the Adwa Dam is a modern renaissance dam.

He called on all Ethiopians living in the Nordic countries to continue their support in the coming months following the second phase of water supply.

During the forum, Minister of Water, Irrigation and Energy, Dr. Seleshi Bekele, briefed the audience on the progress of the construction of the dam and the status of the tripartite negotiations.

Author and poet Dr. Bedulu Waqjira also conveyed to the audience the inspiring speech and important messages related to the preparation of the day.

An extensive presentation was made to the audience by the coordinating committee leaders on the start of the fundraising process and the institutions and individuals who accepted the purpose of the program and donated were recognized at the forum.

So far, 300,000 Norwegian kroner (one million four hundred and forty-six thousand six hundred birr) has been collected at the level of the Norwegian Fundraising Committee.

This has increased the amount of money collected by Ethiopians and Native Ethiopians living in the Nordic countries as well as various institutions under the coordination of the Embassy for the construction of the dam.

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