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Sisi arrived in Khartoum, they were greeted by an unexpectedly large-scale protest

Gumuz community members return to peaceful living in Tekel Zone, water needs to be improved It is stated that water-based infrastructure should be sustainable as long as there is water. A study symposium organized by the Basin Development Authority on water resource management challenges is underway in Adama.

Research papers on river basin development were presented and discussed at the symposium.According to the symposium, studies have been conducted on how to solve the challenges in the water resource management and utilization process, including the University-industry linkage framework.

As a result, more than six universities have come up with solutions to the problem.
Use the link for details A committee set up by the House of Peoples’ Representatives to monitor the situation has said that more than 3,000 militants and more than 68,000 members of the Gumuz ethnic group who entered the forest through them have returned to peaceful life.

A seven-member committee was set up to assess the security situation in Tekel and other areas and to address the situation in the zone. The chairman of the committee, Abdullahi Hamu, told ENA that the committee toured the situation in Benishangul-Gumz state. He said the clashes in the zone have resulted in loss of life, humanitarian crisis and destruction of property.

“We are aware that the security situation is multifaceted and has been under preparation for the past five years,” he said.

“Individuals who have taken over large tracts of farmland in the name of investment in the zone have been training Gumz youths for a mission,” he said, noting that relative peace has been restored in the area following the deployment of an integrated task force in the zone.

He said the guerrillas who had entered the forest in connection with the conflict were returning to peace after accepting the government’s call for reconciliation.

According to the committee, about 3,000 militants and about 68,000 members of the Gumz community, who had entered the forest under the auspices of the militants, have entered a peaceful life. At the same time, the militia, regular police and special forces training and local leadership-based shifts have taken place.

He said the task force has been able to put an end to the new crisis, deaths and displacement in the zone. “The committee understands that more than 125,000 people have been displaced from their homes in shelters and other conditions,” he said.

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