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Seifu on ebs with abubeker nasser

He fell into a trance.  Arrested and handed over to our culprits.‼ The situation was so tense that all the patriots who were shocked by the suffocation of the Diaspora became the talk of Andargachew.  Dr. Berhanu Nega also became a debtor.

There is also speculation that Isaiah and Isaiah did not fight.  When Andargachew was arrested, it was after the death of Meles Zenawi that the TPLF was strong.

In fact, for the first few days of my life, I could not sleep, let alone eat.  I wondered how they were going to do it.

Of course, the Ethiopian security services had a very strong structure.  As it is now, leave it at that: the deaths of innocent people, persecution, torture, daily news, as well as the Turkish Clash and Gun Bomb, 12 kilometers from Sudan, are on the way to Sululta. 

Coup plotters march from their camp to the palace, Engineer Sumenew Bekele Square is found dead, senior officials including the president of the Amhara region are assassinated, the Itamajor official is assassinated, and the young artist Hachalu Hundesa is in a coma.

  When he emigrated, the current security services did not seem to know anything.  But the former intelligence service is crossing the border to my enemy.  Crossing the Red Sea is frustrating.  He captured former Gambella president Andargachew Tsige and others across the border.

However, Andargachew was arrested‼The price this man paid for his country, Ethiopia, was not paid by the current Prime Minister, Dr. Abiy.‼ Dr. Abiy came forward following his mother’s predictions and cleverly taking advantage of opportunities.

but even in the fight against the TPLF, he says he never got his hands dirty.  After all, we are not Africa;  The perpetrators are still in prison.  We do not count their debt‼

And anyone who has made a small contribution to the politics of our country is claiming power.  It is no exaggeration to say that Andargachew, the owner of the TPLF, is the only Ethiopian who has shown that the price paid to buy, criticize, and reprimand my country is for the sake of morality and truth, not power.

Andargachew is also a light hearted to accept new truths.  You will find in the book that he wrote that he is a man who submits himself only to the interests of the country and his people, who has no ambition for power and only for the benefit of the country and its people.

I also know that there are people who think that Andargachew is an extremist Amhara scholar.  However, in his large book, “Let’s Speak, Let Us Not Be Confused”,

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