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I have not created the devils or the sons of men to rule over me ”(Az-Zariat 51, 56). Man becomes a person if he performs acts of worship properly.

All acts of worship that are obligatory on all Muslims are the same. Every man or woman must fulfill this obligation. This similarity has great significance in emphasizing Muslim unity. Moreover, Islamic rituals have many meanings in terms of increasing the unity and strength of the Muslim community.

It is significant that all Muslims bow down to a prayer center and meet at their fifth day of vengeance. This is not easy, for a Muslim to relate to his fellow Christians.

Every Muslim in all walks of life participates and at the same time fasts around the world at the same time a year, fasting for the same month has a significant contribution to creating the same spiritual character and strengthening Islamic brotherhood.

In Hajj, Muslims all over the world meet every year. In view of the fact that Hajj is obligatory on every Muslim, at least one person in the world can attend that great conference. In this way Muslims are united in their language, dress, work and speech.

In Hajj, Muslims gather together in a manner that is not controlled by Allah but for one person.

  1. Cultural and Ethical Unity For every Muslim a good example is the Messenger of Allah. One of the definitions of our expression is the unity of character in all disciplines. Muslims generally eat the same, they sleep in the same way, they wake up in the same manner, another.

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