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Federal Police Commission urges the public to implement guidelines issued by the government New Media Network (MNA) April 7, 2012
The Federal Police Commission urges the public to effectively implement government-issued guidelines.

The Commission said it would take stricter action against individuals and entities who do not comply with the emergency directive.

The Executive Proclamation also sets forth the prohibitions and obligations, including the provisions of the executive bodies, including the provisions of the Federal Police Commission.

The commissioner said the federal police commission is one of the institutions that enforces the law, and that it has begun to implement the emergency proclamation and will continue to do so.

The Commissioner also mentioned in detail the steps the government is taking to curb the spread of the virus, changes in the measures taken, and issues that have not been corrected.

He said that since the virus was introduced into Ethiopia, remedial directions taken by the government have played a significant role.

He cited the positive effect of reducing international flights, reducing transit, and making it easier for many civil servants to work at home.

They also said that relief efforts are underway to raise awareness about the virus.

He said the monitoring and legal action against illegal traffickers has also changed, adding that it is encouraging that youth organizations are volunteering, especially in large cities.

The various denominations also said that they would pray to their followers at home to prevent the spread of the virus.Despite these positive starts, Commissioner General said that there are still problems with neglect and neglect.

He also said that gathering in the neighborhood, loading in excess of the amount of transit traffic and traveling at night, was unintentionally trading at one of the malls.Police are investigating the fact that one of the pubs has been shut down and is hosting more people later, police said.

The commissioner also confirmed that the enforcement process will be intensified against individuals and entities who violate the law.He also cautioned that neglect in some faiths, in transportation and in marketplaces, and in different villages and neighborhoods should be corrected.  (EZ)

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