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Muhamed Al Arusi With Dr Abiy

Ethiopia’s media should take a similar stance on the issue of the Nile: Political commentator Mohamed Al-Arasi, a political analyst on the Ethiopian media, argues that the Ethiopian media should work on raising the consciousness of the community on the Nile issue.  He described his stay with him.

He also said that the opposition political parties in the country should stand side by side in the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

Mohammed, a political analyst who has emphasized on the Nile as a gift from the Creator, said that the Ethiopian media should work extensively on the Nile’s national agenda.

Ethiopia;  Mohammed Al Aruzi, who said that the US and the World Bank’s withdrawal from the US, and gradually diverted themselves from the observers, is the right decision, and he will stand face-to-face with the Nile wherever he needs to.

Mohammed Al-Arasi, who was born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia,  He is known for arguing about the truth of the Nile in the mass media.

A political commentator who has appeared in more than 20 channels on the Nile and has spoken to over 100 interviews in the Arab world said during his stay with the pope that he was defending Egypt. Excellency Mr. Gudu Andargachew, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia, has held a meeting with Hon.

The two sides have discussed ways to work collaboratively to curb the spread of corona virus, desert mosquitoes and floods.  They also exchanged information on the construction of the Grand Renaissance Dam.

He appreciated the support of the World Food Program to Ethiopia.  Ethiopia will continue to strengthen its partnership with the organization, he said.  He expressed his sorrow over the death of the world as a result of the Corona virus.  He described the level of coronavirus in Ethiopia and what Ethiopia is doing to curb the epidemic.  They also discussed the devastating effects of desert locusts and floods on Ethiopia and neighboring countries.  He said the Horn of Africa needs more support from the international community than ever before, and called on the World Food Program to further strengthen its support.

Speaking on the occasion of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, Gue discussed the ongoing discussions between Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt.  He urged the international community to support the resolution of the three countries through dialogue and negotiation.

David Bisley, chief executive of the World Food Program, on his part said his organization will continue to strengthen its partnership with Ethiopia.  He also praised Ethiopia’s efforts to prevent coronavirus, desert locusts and floods.  The collaboration of all parties is crucial as the Coronavirus epidemic is a threat to the world, he said.  He said the three countries believe they should resolve their differences with regard to the construction of the Grand Renaissance Dam.

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