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Mereja tv interview with Mufti Haji Omer

A plea for tenants Addis Ababa Mayor Engineer Tall Uma has urged tenants to temporarily forego the rent, considering the working conditions of small business owners.

It is only now that we can pass on one another to the plague and temptation that has come upon our country. We must go through this difficult time with the help of the less important, by sharing what little we have, and losing all that we have for the common good.

The Prophet Muhammad (SWT) taught us that we should grieve for all creatures in the earth “

Even when we are in the world of commerce, the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) “buys, sells, sells and sells my money in a way that does not complicate, sells, or lends me money. May the mercy of Allah be upon man, ”he said

Operational havoc in our country has slowed. As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to work and manage their home, paying rent and rent. With this in mind, landlords need to feel sorry for their tenants. There is kindness in all of us. We need to address this kind of kindness right now.

“God will ease his distress in the world to come,” the compassionate prophet taught us. Therefore, let us fulfill our human responsibility to pass the joint test we have, thinking that we have a good reward from God for doing this good and not by reducing our rent payments to those who are distressed, but by doing so.

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