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Latest News Wollo Tube April 04

Telecom’s commendation is commendable, but if it does, it should be worth the hassle of doing so.In a statement, Ethio Telecom’s Chief Executive Officer, Freetown Tamer, said that by reducing restrictions on citizens to remain in their homes, improvements would be made to reduce the spread of corona virus.

Thus, the “stay at home” mobile package service, free internet access service, and prepaid mobile airtime will be implemented starting tomorrow.

Stay at home: Mobile voicemail service customers can use 20 free SMS at 5:30 pm local voice calling.

In addition, stay at home Mobile Internet Package service is said to be able to use 5 MB 100 MB of internet and 20 free SMS and 10 free 250 Mbps Internet and 20 free local SMS.

Stay No More At Home Mobile Internet and Voice Package Services Customers: $ 15 300 300 Mbps Internet and 30 minutes Domestic Voicemail with 20 free local SMS.Customers can use these services between 10am and 10pm, but are provided by regular tariffs outside the specified hours.

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