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Mediation with non-Muslim parties: This approach provides a bridge to dialogue with non-Muslims.  It does not deprive the non-Muslims of the freedom to practice their religion.  Therefore, he does not tolerate coexistence, but rather a tool of hate for religious differences.  Rather, he believes that co-existence in a country is a great way to work closer together and to achieve national interests.

8. Mediation on a Sherman case:This applies to the supreme law (Usul), and the branches (furu) to the Magrarat.  The middle way is the foundation, and these are the basic Shari’ah laws.  This way provides a great protection against the occurrence of previous religions, to prevent them from twisting the basic sniper’s hands as they wish. 

On the other hand, it also prevents the basic interpretation of these basic Sharia laws and attempts to distort the message they transmit.  Just as the middle path provides protection for basic Sharia laws.

it also follows the grammatical path for branch sharia matters.  He does this to prevent trouble, to avoid pain and suffering.  This is the fundamental position of Allah’s Messenger, Allah’s Excellency.  The Messenger of Allah did not take away the Prophet”When asked to choose one of two things, they chose the simplest thing unless it was a crime”

9. Middle Street has a positive view of modern affairs:For modern discoveries or civilizations, he has a positive outlook, not darkness.  But this is not in a way that makes a “captive” a foreigner.  When he receives “good” from any party, he does so in a self-respecting, non-pro-colonial, tolerant manner and does not allow humiliation.  Muslims are Ummah who are independent and have a distinct personality.  The Messenger of Allah declared:

“Believers are one of their lives, referring to one another, and in their superiority they are the power (hand) of the one who is at work and the one who is outside them.”SummaryThe Medieval standpoint is far from pure and abstract thinking.  It is not a scandalous narrative that is used only for comprehensive knowledge, or to satisfy the mind. 

The Middle Ages are a versatile way of thinking and living.  As matters pertain to the individual and the community, national issues are involved.  This path is also an idea that guides and directs Islamic teachings that Muslims should apply and practice in all aspects of life at any time and place.  The middle position is a way for Muslims to have a wide range of activities in the field of religion, knowledge, culture, science and technology, production, politics, economics, etc.

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