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Leatest news to day june 26

According to the Institute, malaria outbreaks have increased by 73 percent over the same period last year. Following the arrival of winter, the Amhara region’s public health institute has been working to prevent and control the outbreaks of malaria in some woredas in the region.

According to the institute, the Dura, Gondar, Lithu, Fogera, Bahir Dar, East Derbys, Farta, Lombardum, Albino, and Basilbanen are mentioned.  The problem is also known in Bahir Dar.

In the fiscal year, the institute said that 4 million bed bugs have been distributed to 93 woredas and 26,245 kg of mosquito bites for 93 woredas.  The institute has also set up temporary malaria treatment stations in lowland farms, consolidated malaria surveillance, awareness creation and other activities, the institute said.

To make 264,209 kilograms of in-house anti-mosquito spray, in 53 districts with the highest malaria incidence in the region, to establish temporary malaria treatment stations in nine major development zones, to develop home-based diagnostic and treatment services in the woredas.  It is said that it is working to distribute the vagina.

The number of malaria cases in the Amhara region has increased by 75 percent from 2005 to 2011, while the mortality rate has declined by 89 percent, while the prevalence of the flu has increased by 73 percent compared to the same period in 2011/12.

Climate change, disruption of the supply of protective resources, outbreaks of antimicrobial chemical spills, and the public’s concern over the decline of malaria over the past year and this year;  According to the Institute, improper use of bed bugs, disruption of malaria screening and treatment services and reduced attention to malaria are reasons for increased spread.

According to the North Shoa Zone Health Department, 125 people suspected to have been infected with coronavirus have been placed in detention.

It is recalled that Deputy Chief of the North Shoa Zone Health Department, Mrs. Tedale Samungu, said that 79 samples were conducted two days ago in the zone, and that 22 people had been infected.  He said efforts are being made to identify people who have direct contact with individuals to curb the spread of the flu.  As of the time of this report, 125 people have been identified as having direct contact with them and have been put into detention.

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