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Medical experts say the drug could only be given to severely coronavirus patients, even if approved.A medical expert says the Ministry of Health needs permission from the World Health Organization to use coronavirus vaccine approved by the World Health Organization in Ethiopia.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced the release of dexamethasone medication in England for the treatment of critically ill patients.  The organization said it would share the results of British researchers on the possibility that the drug would reduce the risk of dying from respiratory infections and oxygen-dependent patients.  He said it is not recommended for patients who have not been infected with corona virus.

Although the medicine has been available in the world since 1960, the health ministry we spoke with said that it is necessary to give permission for coronavirus infections.

He said that the internal medicine doctor at Dream Care General Hospital would prescribe medicine for a variety of leprosy cases in Ethiopia, but the Ministry of Health required permission for the use of coronavirus.

Dr. Belay said the Ministry of Health is investigating whether the drug can be used for coronavirus.  He said it could only be given to coronavirus patients in the intensive care unit.

Reporter-Tahir Arawak Prime Minister Abby Ahmed was amazed at the value of the unification of African countries and China.

Prime Minister Abby Ahmed (Dr.) participated in the China-Africa Summit on a unanimous decision to end the pandemic.

The China-Africa Dialogue was co-chaired by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The meeting was announced at a conference in Senegal, between China, the African Union Chairperson, and the China-Africa Cooperation Forum.  Information from the Prime Minister’s Office also showed that African leaders, UN Secretary-General and Secretary-General of the World Health Organization participated in the meeting.

Prime Minister Abby Ahmed (Doctor) said that during this difficult time, the stand-out between African countries and China is a fundamental value.  He also urged health care to be a top priority. The state has launched an Emergency Response Coordination Center to respond quickly to the Corona virus epidemic.

Bahirdar June 10, 2012 (AMAD) – The Amhara National Regional State has launched an emergency response coordination center to respond to a pandemic virus.

The Emergency Response Coordination Center, established under the regional Disaster Risk Reduction and Special Assistance Commission, has launched 16 experts from all sectors today.

Instead of the deputy head of the Amhara region, who was in attendance at the center, Mandafro said that the regional government would work to strengthen human resources and budget.  Experts recognized the purpose of the center and urged the people of the region to protect themselves from the plague.

Amhara Regional State Disaster Prevention and Coordination Commission (NEC) Commissioner for Elimination of Children  He said it is possible to lead a single center of defense in the past.

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