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Leatest News Feta daily June 28

Of those, 50 were exposed to the v, “we have direct contact with the people who are infected,” said Tsemade told Ahmed.  In addition to Debre Berhan, four individuals have been identified as infected with the virus in Ensaro district, and it has been able to bring 40 people into direct contact

In addition, 35 people have been in isolation with a man who was confirmed to have a coronavirus tested in the Mojaya Andra woreda.”We are concerned about the spread of the virus because the zone is so close to the high-risk city of Corronavirus in Ethiopia,” her deputy head said.

So far, 24 people have been infected in the zone, and two people from the Ephratana Gedam district have been reclaimed.Bahirdar June 10, 2012 (Ahmed) Another dimension of young people whose lives have been tested by the hope of a hopeless life.

He chose to emigrate to a country he did not know easily with the hope of being able to convert.  It is a day that has lost all its hard work and wasted time.  When Abebe Gebrewadeh, a resident of Adi Arqawi district in the North Gondar zone, lost hope, he did not want to live in hopeless persecution and returned to his country.  Traveling to his home country, Ethiopia!

Abebe says, “I have seen the exile of government work, and I have found that it is a disadvantage and a disgrace to seek a temporary conversion rather than a change in domestic work.”  All those tricks of treacherous tricks, clever ways of making money, comfortable, and fast-paced careers … have now come to grips with the idea that they are a dream come true for them.

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