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Latest Mereja || Addis Ababa apr 04

Raising awareness is a challenge in the Rwandan sky.  It was possible to improve the understanding of the general public by raising awareness in schools, religious institutions, marketplaces, forums, and in general.  The Corollary epidemic, which the world now faces, needs to be informed by the information for everyone, but it’s just as difficult to reach.

It has also had to limit the amount of social interactions that people enjoy.  Rwanda has come up with a new method to overcome this problem and to educate communities living in rural areas about the corona epidemic.  Following South Africa and Tunisia’s imposing restrictions, people have been following the law with surveillance cameras mounted on human-powered small aircraft, while Rwanda has started to educate its citizens in rural areas by installing a loudspeaker on its small flights.

Rwandan villagers are looking up to heaven and begging for mercy, listening to the advice of health professionals on small government-run flights, and protecting themselves from the plague and the plague.  This is not the first time Rwanda has used low-cost aircraft for health services.  She has previously used a wide range of non-human aircraft for chemical spray and drug delivery to control the outbreaks of malaria.

It is said that Rwanda’s use of wireless technologies protects health professionals and officials from exposure.  According to the Africa Expert, Rwanda’s solution would also eliminate the daunting journey that health professionals and officials have been creating.  Because the country is starting to get a better understanding of corona and virus by introducing transparent and short messages that are emitted by loudspeakers equipped with human-made small aircraft.

It is also known as the Rwandan Police Commission, which manages small aircraft.  The laws of most African countries do not permit the use of drones, but in such a crisis, countries are being forced to lift the restrictions.  Kenya has recently lifted restrictions on unmanned aircraft.  She added that the ban was in terms of security and control.

Ethiopia’s Ministry of Health announced last year that it was using drone aircraft for medicine, especially vaccines.  In the knowledge of Abraham

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