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  More than 50% of the wealth of this building is invested by foreigners.  Create jobs for themselves;  Hire others,  Employed citizens are happy to create jobs and pay taxes to the government.  It is a city of peace where we live.

Those who work in these buildings:  More than 80% of those making a living are refugees from different countries.  In rent:  By purchasing:  They live in these buildings in different ways.  Although it is very difficult to live in Toronto;  Although it is one of the most expensive cities in the world, it is also a place where everyone can work and go in peace.

Someone with an incurable head is still my region, this is your place;  That is my village, this is your seed;  It is said that there is our seed.  He dies every day, bleeding profusely.  While God has given us heads for all who live on the earth, some use their heads to build a good city, while those who do not have a head are used to destroy a country and a city.

When the truth is exposed, it is “evil when it is spoken of and made holy”!  In the political position of individuals;  Attitude:  I don’t want to get involved in my thoughts, just like I say I understand, “I don’t understand” because they have their own ‘truth’ in their minds.  And it doesn’t help.  Not only does it not benefit, but it does not lead to a better solution other than resentment.

Today, I read a short article written by an ESATU journalist.  Thoughts drove me back a lot.  “Is Egypt succeeding? Are Sudan’s long arms moving back and forth? Is it happening as the TPLF boasted during its lifetime that it will destroy Ethiopia without it? Egyptian President Al-Sisi has publicly threatened us.”

Did the journalist who gave it to me think that Egypt was growing our country when he secretly received $ 200,000 from ESAT TV from Egypt?  Prof. Berhanu Nega: We asked for $ 500,000 over the phone. $ 200,000 is for ESAT, $ 200,000 for defense and $ 100,000 for peace.  Did he forget what he said?  Listen to this link

So, when they were negotiating with Egypt to get revenge, Egypt was only trying to destabilize our country.  Is ESAT journalist Mesai Mekonnen not understanding this Egyptian agenda in the past and now he is going beyond the so-called Egyptian agenda to explain his fears?  In any case, it would be better if they did not think of people as “gambling” and “evil” when they are sanctified.  Think about it!
I hope you are from Toronto

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