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Conflict between our Afar and Somali brothers should concern us‼ “Send my message to my Afar and Somali Muslim brothers and scholars?” Peaceful relations between our Afar and Somali (Isa) brothers have been strained since the time of the emperor.  These brothers had close ties during the reign of Imam Ahmad al-Jazi during the Adal regime.

But since then a huge budget has been allocated;  “How can you keep quiet when your party is killed?”  Inspiring:  In response, the other proves to be in the wrong.

Recently, there has been a lot of conflict between our brothers.  Some gambler political leaders and activists are aggravating the situation.

Since they are both our Muslim brothers, we are the ones who are suffering as a nation, so we need to find an immediate solution.  The main solution, I think, is:

The leaders of the two regions’ councils, the natives of Addis Ababa and the Diaspora area, the leaders who are supposed to be influential in these regions, the elders will discuss together and talk to the leaders of each region individually and find a lasting solution.

This is a very serious matter.  The son of a poor farmer is dying as a result of political gambling.  It is because they are the ones who are hurting us.

Since we are in the midst of national elections, we are hurting each other if these Muslim-majority regions are caught up in their own agenda when they should be able to participate and influence the central government.

Killer “Allahu Akbar!”  It is sad that the deceased died saying “La ilaha illallah”.  Our number will decrease. The enemy will rejoice in this.  He works hard to ensure that there is no union between the two regions.  It drives the central structure as it pleases!

As a result of the Holocaust, there will be an opportunity for those who are willing to pay tribute to the cause of humanity.  As a result, resentment and vengeance will be sown in the next generation so that they will not be deprived of pastoral and cultural life forever.

  It will frighten a weak generation that will not be able to think and lead out of their territory.  Without looking up to the central structure, they are trapped in their own affairs and trapped under the yoke of strategic slavery and colonialism.

Therefore, the Ulema, especially the Muslims who are dying, find a lasting solution through urgent mediation.  The federal government may even be interested in the conflict at this time.

Indigenous activists and scholars from both regions who are aggravating the situation, please be smart.  Fear Allah  Stop thinking and move away from superstition.  Do not kill the poor farmer’s son by living peacefully for yourself and your family. This is not a time for you to see each other, but for you to work together and focus on your future.

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