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Ethiopia’s options in terms of the Egyptian leader and the minister’s warning

Ethiopia urges Egypt, Sudan to nominate representative for Renaissance DamThe invitation was made in a letter to the water ministers of the two countries.  Facebook shuts down sites targeting Ethiopia

March 30, 2013 (ENA) – Facebook has shut down sites targeting Ethiopia, according to a BBC report.According to social media giant Facebook, there are several Facebook and Instagram pages based in Egypt targeting Ethiopia, Sudan and Turkey.

“17 Facebook, six Facebook pages and three Instagram pages targeting Egypt, Sudan and Turkey have been shut down,” the company said.  He also said that he had been investigated as an institution in Egypt.

The pages indicate that they have been involved in external interference in the conduct of the Facebook policy and have engaged in fraudulent conduct.

He said the pages were written and distributed in Amharic language.  He also said that they will disseminate information critical of the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

He also said that Turkey’s foreign policy was in favor of Egypt and that it was spreading information.

The pages had a total of more than 300,000 followers;  He also said that there are followers from Ethiopia.

He said they were fabricating false information, misinterpreting and disseminating inaccurate information by creating a high-level coalition behind the pages.

As stated in the letter:  Ethiopia sent the invitation based on the recommendations made by the independent scientific research team on the dam.

The dam will begin next July and August and will be extended until September, according to the letter.

Until the conclusion of the AU-brokered negotiations, it will help to establish proper communication and trust between the three countries.

According to a letter from the Ministry of Water and Irrigation and Energy, the three countries signed the 2015 agreement in accordance with Article A of the MoU signed by the three countries.

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