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Ethiopia To Day Special News May 14

Leave the political scandal.  We do not know the purpose of the calculation in which the individual went to hang and drive.  The question of Ethiopian Muslims is an age-old question.  Whose blood is shed,  Who has been accused of tens of thousands,  There are many questions that have not yet been answered by our ancestors.

Who, if he forgot, who raised the Magdalene Declaration?  Even the voice-over struggle wasn’t one of the three questions?  What a trick.  What a denial.  All that bed rest on the believer’s back;  One of the questions that all this tears from our mothers is the proclamation, isn’t it?

Will you punish us while we are alive?  Even people who have been sentenced to 7 years to 22 years for asking the Magistrate to proclaim the proclamation, aren’t they?  The one that Mubarak left for his life is the one that Moses left;  One question that our Harbau brother is missing is the proclamation, isn’t it?  Who cares?

If it is Islamic Banks, how much is it?  On Friday, when he was denied a permit Monday, he said, “Why not?”  You asked?  How are you doing what we do not know from your cave?

What if Eid’s place is not a question of the ages?  Does it seem that we don’t know the secret to why a thief is a thief who has been given 174,000 square feet of credit and has been audited by “Maggots from Land to Cash”?  But who was on the Marlisle seat at the time, when 174,000 square feet were granted Eid’s place?

Ignore: This generation is a generation of information.  Not bowed down to the TPLF;  Impatient;  White face to face with almo shooter,  I do not know the generation to try to deceive the generation of the most valuable generation of intellectuals who are said to be beaten and retaliated for peaceful struggle.

In any case, I think it is appropriate to tell the work that has been done, since there is a great deal of denial and the power of claiming that I am a wool representative after the election.

Yes, the New Majlis was wrapping its neck around the world while writing a letter of Sufi and sepulcher in every region and district.  At that time, the mayor’s office provided detailed mapping and verification of 120 mosques for the mayor’s office.

This will look like a document you presented to the mayor at the time.  They claimed 120 locations, including the burial map for the map.  The government did not answer the question of another faith. The 69-site request is expected to be answered in Addis Ababa, the Maghalis Frequently Asked Questions on Wednesday.

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