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“It is inappropriate for the Speaker of the House to convene on the eve of the regular meeting of the House of Representatives.”

Following the announcement of Mrs Kerry’s resignation, the council’s executive officers, including the Deputy Speaker of the House, stayed with the IAA on the matter.

Deputy Speaker of the House, Mohamed Rasheed Hajji, said that although a member of the House has his resignation, the Speaker’s decision is a distraction.

He said that they had attended a regular meeting in the council until last Thursday, and that they had called themselves at a bi-monthly meeting and that there was no difference in the proposed agenda.

Mohammed, who said the speaker should have presented to the House even if they had questions, also said that the Coordinating Committee without the Committee’s intention to hold a regular meeting of the council was not the right decision.

He said that the resignation of the Speaker would not interfere with the ongoing agenda of the council and the regular action, and that all matters would be dealt with due to the proper preparation of the meeting.

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