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Eid Mubarek Nasheed Ali Amin

Even when they are cleaning, they have the same rules. Their greetings are the same.  They reflect the same behavior during health and illness.  If an Indian Muslim strikes him, he will do the same with an Arab Muslim.  It treats all the same system and the same system. 

They have the same attitude and perspective in terms of patience, truth, generosity, keeping the word, perseverance in the faith, and other characteristics.  If Allah had not created mankind to be created in an intelligent and wise way, all Muslims would have been duplicates.  Apart from the Muslim community, there is no one in the world that has the same character, culture or ethics in any other country.

Historical Unity: The history of a Muslim is not related to nationality or language or language.  It is the story of Islam that the Muslim is proud to be my story and thinks he is part of the story.  Those who are called to this story are the messengers of Allah (may peace be upon all of them).

I am Muslim.  My story is related to those who believed in Adam, Noah, Isaiah, Moses and Muhammad, those who believed in them and who followed them.  Only with these will my story not catch up and I’m proud to be one of them.  I have nothing to do with any other story. There is no history of friendship and pride in an Arab that links Arab Arabs to the original Maheeman.  If not, the pride is in Islam.  This is the position of every Muslim.  There is no history of religion or brotherhood associated with jihadi or non-Muslims.

The history of Islam is the history of the Muslim community.  It is the story of the messengers of Allah.  This story fills the Muslim’s mind with pride and glory because it is not linked to evil.

This is the attitude of a Muslim to meet Allah.  Allah says, “We believe in the Qur’an which was sent down to us by Abraham and Ishmael, and Isaac, and Jacob, and his tribes, and all the prophets given to them from their Lord:  And say, ‘We are obedient to him.’  (Al-Baqarah 2, 136)

And the Messenger of Allah said, “Peace be upon you.”  (Thermith) Another hadith: “Men stop boasting about their ancestors; otherwise they will make them more humiliated than the arrows of Allah.”  (Abu Dawood and Thermiz)

If a Muslim takes pride in non-Islamic values, this action will remove him from the Islamic spirit.  He finds himself in a messy, down-to-earth situation.  From a peaceful and precarious state it will turn into an ugly and messy state.

5. The linguistic unity of Islam is a view, worship and ethics.  And language is the expression of these things.  It is not a goal but a goal.  That is why every prophet is sent in the language of his people.  Allah says, “We have not sent any messenger except in the language of his people, that he may explain to them.”  (Ibrahim 14, 4)

Allah says in the Qur’an that the distinction between language and appearance is one of the miracles:  There are miracles in this.  (R-30: 22) The Qur’an and the Hadith messages, which are the source of Islam, were sent down by the Arabs, sent by Muhammad.

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