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Discussion on the dam in the tense political atmosphere

Fekhmed Negash, Director General of the East Nile Technical Regional Office, talks about the Renaissance Dam negotiations.  Experience on the water shows that love and cooperation go hand in hand.

  Looking at the negotiation process over the past 10 years, there have been many challenges;  The riparian countries, especially through Egypt, have devised and devised strategies to achieve their own hidden interests.  Another challenge was the political situation in the country and the delays caused by the domestic contractor.

  Efforts have been made by Ethiopia to resolve it through technical dialogue;  The Renaissance Dam is a technical issue, not a political or national security issue;  In June 2013, President Morsi threatened that the construction of the dam would be inappropriate, as Egypt had turned its attention to politics and national security.

  The military government is in power after Omar al-Bashir’s rule.  Egypt has provided significant material, psychological, political and diplomatic support to Sudan’s military government;  That is why it is changing its position on the dam and is heading towards Egypt.

The Sudanese government wants to end its conflict with the West and move towards reconciliation, including those who have been working with Ethiopia.  He acknowledged that Egypt was helping to alleviate the crisis with the West, but in 2015, Sudan was the first country to oppose a US-led interim agreement.

I think we need to stop and look at the negotiations that have taken place so far.Even if there are those who oppose the dam, it is necessary to create unity and mobilize the people around the dam by holding discussions with them.

Click on the link for more information on the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and the tripartite negotiation by the Director General of the East Nile Technical Regional Office.3.2 million birr raised for bond construction

Adama City Administration Mayor, Hailu Jeldi, said 3.2 million birr was collected from bond purchases for the construction of the Grand Renaissance Dam in March alone.

He said the public support for the construction of the Grand Renaissance Dam has increased from time to time.

According to the mayor, the people are actively supporting the Renaissance Dam as it plays an important role in the overall development of Ethiopians.  He further said that the support should be strengthened.

It has been 10 years since the foundation stone of the Grand Renaissance Dam was laid today.  It is recalled that 79 percent of the construction was completed.

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