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From the rural to urban areas, the promising field of work has become promising. Is a sector that has been used to create employment opportunities for many youths in rural and urban areas but has not yet been created;  Poultry. 

If available, there are options for one day distributing, raising and distributing chickens, or raising meat and egg chickens for sale.  We have found that the weather conditions are suitable for this work in the northern Shoa Zone of Asgard District.  13 youth engaged in poultry farming in Asgard district, Gin Country  Another 32 women are taking to the market in the country for one day raising and raising chickens.

Organized under the name of the Samaritan and his friends, they took over one day and reared the young chicks and distributed them when they were 45 days old.  The youths said the administration has provided them with a good breeding ground for over one million birr.  225 thousand birr capital has been financed by the Woreda Technical and Enterprise Development Office. 

They also told us that the youth’s work demands, strengths and communication are making them successful.  “Our revenue is growing fast and unexpectedly;  If we work hard, we will repay our debt in a short time,  We will make it possible for others to take our loans and use them, ”the youth said.  Currently, they are caring for over 950 chicks. 

Because they have no need, they will take the chicks one day from an organization called Ethio Chik,  They have made a revelation that they will have their own future in the future.

He said the work requires more than 10,000 Birr every month for the remainder of the budget.  They have raised the chickens and are 45 days old, he said.  He said the chickens that are taking care of this cycle will cost more than 180,000 birr.

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