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The government has started 594 thousand birr loan from the government.  They also exported them to Macombrey, Shre, Dry… and they got a large market.  As a result, they were able to repay 400,000 birr of their loans.  In addition to the founding members of the Association, they employ three permanent and up to 30 temporary workers and are growing from job search to job creation.

Abebe, who said he is paying a salary of up to 40,000 birr a month for his employees, said from his life experience that working with domestic grace would provide a living bread for others.

He also advised them to look at their local gifts so that there are no youths who risk their lives and waste their time and resources.  He said youths who have been created by the union are supporting themselves and their families through their income.  According to Abebe, the association has been able to start a blanket production business alongside gravel production, but the local administration has struggled to provide jobs for more than three years.

Deacon Amalsa Asmaraw, head of the office of the Arcadia Technical and Enterprise Development Office, said the work is being done to expand the experience to other enterprises.  In addition to the quarry production, the company has requested to operate a blanket production, although the office has requested that they be given a work place.

The head of Adadi Archak district, Sisi Gebrezadik, was asked about the issue and said the city has been having trouble providing a place to work and sell because of the city’s ten year growth plan.  However, the city plan has been approved since May 10, 2012, after discussion at the woreda level, he said.

It was planned to create more than 6,000 job opportunities in the 2012 budget year.  Of this, 77 percent of the jobs are created by permanent and temporary employment, according to data from the Woreda Technical and Enterprise Development Office.

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