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Breaking News From Addis Ababa police april 29

According to the Addis Ababa Police Commission, the man, who gathered around 100 followers in the name of faith, violates the emergency proclamation, police said.Controlling and controlling the course of the Cornea epidemic

Although collecting more than four people is prohibited by the Proclamation to Prevent Harm, police say the individual is the first to be arrested for crimes that endanger the lives of citizens. The Commission’s Investigative Investigation Team has announced that it will conduct extensive investigations into this and other crimes.

Police said six people suffered minor injuries and moderate injuries to six people during a disturbance in the Jungle area. The Addis Ababa Police Commission has said the injury was caused by a push.

The Addis Ababa Police Commission, the Law Enforcement Service and other agencies are working to ensure that the trade in the Jane Valley is not exposed to the spread of corona virus.

  At 7:30 am this morning, as the transaction was underway, six people were injured and six were seriously injured in the attack, according to the French Regional Police Head of Police in the City of France’s police department.

Six of the victims have been discharged from the hospital and one of the victims is undergoing treatment. According to the Deputy Commissioner, the information circulated by the media that two people were killed in the clashes in the area was false.

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