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Amazing ethiopian mother from Australia to day

Let us all make our own history during the historical RamadanFirst of all, you have arrived in peace for the glorious 14th month of Ramadan, I sayOne of the great blessings that mankind has been entrusted with by Allah is his promise to listen to the slave alone, to see him, to receive his worship, and to answer his questions.

This implies the equality of Adam’s children, but on the other hand it is the jelly of the jubilee that he can accept the worship of each one (even at the same time), no matter how many of his slaves are scattered and dispersed in the world. 

Allah will not leave the slave alone until the servant fulfills his loneliness by Allah.  The great miracles of the prophets are a manifestation of this secret in a solitary relationship between them and Allah.

The Prophet Muhammad had the days of fasting to isolate himself in the years before his prophethood.  The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was honored when the Qur’an was revealed to them in loneliness, while the Prophet Abraham came in the days of loneliness when they were thrown into the fire. 

When Yunus Ibn Ta’at entered the belly of the whale, he returned only to find his closest relationship with Allah.  The prison stay of Prophet Yousuf Yusuf was the turning point of their prophetic story.  In the events that we have read and experienced in our generation, many of us hold the most important chapter of our lives through solitude, devotion, beauty, and worship, which only we and Allah know.

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