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Akbar news To Day sep 5

Today, the Oromia Regional State is consulting with the leadership and media people of the country’s media regarding the role of the media in promoting the equality and unity of the people in Adama town.

The forum is hosting a discussion on the issue of equality, unity and common prosperity of the media.

Speaking on the occasion, Speaker of the House of Federation, Adam Farah, said the forum had played a positive role in promoting the values, values ​​and identity of nations, nationalities and peoples, but did not pay enough attention to unity and solidarity between peoples and citizens.

He said the strengthening of unity will be celebrated in a way that respects the identities of nations, nationalities and peoples and strengthens the unity of the people and the need for them to work together for national prosperity.
Reporter: Haile Selassie, 960 kg of drugs seized during the illegal administration of the Nationalities Administration was arrested.

Bahir Dar, August 29 (WIC) – The Awi Nationality Administration, Dangla City Administration Police Office announced that it has seized 960 kg of illegal drugs.

The head of the office, Inspector General of Education, Desalegn Temare, said that an Isuzu truck number 30276, which was traveling from Addis Ababa to Bahir Dar at around 2:00 am on August 30, 2012, was intercepted by police.

He said the suspect had stopped the vehicle and disappeared from the area, adding that an investigation was underway to arrest him.

Chief Inspector Desalegn said they were trying to identify the drug as it was not immediately known.

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