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The position being reflected in the tripartite negotiations is a violation of the rights of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, members of the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam negotiating group have announced.

The Webinar discussion was held today by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, which aims to build consensus and create a national movement on the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.Scholars from both the home and abroad have presented and discussed the topic.

Dr. Yilma Sileshi, a member of the negotiating team of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, said that the purpose of the dam is to generate electricity and exploit its natural resources without harming anyone’s interest.  They did not consult.

Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen said the government will intensify its efforts to curb the spate of weed outbreaks in Lake Tana and that the government will intensify its efforts to tackle the epidemic.

Senior federal government officials, including the Deputy Prime Minister, were spotted at Lake Tana, near the Kebele Woreda of South Gondar Zone, and saw the danger of the spider weed on Lake Tana.

The Deputy Prime Minister said that long-term and short-term remedial measures would be implemented to permanently remove the spider weed on Lake Tana.

He said the federal government is working to alleviate the threat posed to Lake Tana, so as not to lead to a natural crisis.

Pointing out that Lake Tana is one of the largest natural wonders of Ethiopia;  They called for everyone to take part in maintaining the lake’s safety and health.

While the current remedy option is helpful in reducing the risk,  He stressed the need for a concerted effort to remove the weeds from the lake permanently.

He added that the necessary infrastructure questions will be answered in planning the use of Lake Tana’s abundant grace and the economic benefits of the locals.

Author: Akbar

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