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What a joy to be reconciled with self-conscience!‼I tell you the truth, I am amazed at the moral corner.  The former security apparatus had no access to the so-called enemy.

At the time, the Muslim Revolution erupted and our voices were heard. We were isolated from our loved ones and friends, even by our own brothers and sisters from the country where we were born and raised.  A • A, Hawassa, Butajira have been a source of hardship for some time.

Our hearts swelled when the leaders of the revolution, who had been imprisoned in prison, were subjected to a central investigation.

The persecution felt like yesterday, and the scars on his body still linger.Consider the looted house.In fact, the TPLF and Solomonic Ethiopia were shocked when the Muslim Brotherhood came to power in a popular revolution in Egypt, which led to such divisions among Muslims. 

An analysis of this situation was based on the Machiavellian calculation, “When you see your neighbor’s people’s revolution eating away at the government,” and strangled the Nile on the orders of Israel and the United States, it was the main calculation for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Taking advantage of the situation, Meles Zenawi launched a divisive campaign, believing that Ethiopian Muslims are closely linked to Egyptian Muslims and that Ethiopian Muslims, despite their political, economic, and educational backgrounds, know that their patriotism is a divine command.

He told his country’s Muslim brother-in-law, Sufis, who were covered in Sufism, to enter the Lebanese capital.  By the way, “Don’t forget that there is a faction of Takfir (the power of reverence) wearing the shell of Salafi.”

This was a difficult time for the Muslims.  He made me red-haired from my favorite generation.  Nevertheless, the main purpose of this article is to commemorate, celebrate, and praise the person who reconciled himself and his soul to the lofty crown that I still hang on my shoulders for the sake of morality, personality, and truthfulness.Ato Andargachew Tsige‼

I embraced the soul that lost its way in the struggle, embraced the weakest, and moved to a three-by-four room in the Shola Gabaya area, married to my infant mentality, and although I did not support the war effort, I looked at the destiny of this country like I did.  I concluded that there was no organization that could set me free.  By ESAT Radio Propaganda.

Every now and then, Humera crosses the Tekeze Desert and seizes Debarq Gondar. I imagine that the Patriots of Mount Eldaar break the Dobin and Hanif desert plains on May 7, and I can’t see the glory of the FDRE’s defense forces.  .  He left me with serious doubts about his determination and patriotism.  I love him !

I bought this book from the bookstore in Biyasa Menelik Square near the Cape Town and Escarቩs, and returned to the fort.  As I read it, my daily routine was to watch the Patriots’ May 7 radio show.

which was not working on Wi-Fi as it is today.  But I thought the only alternative was the May 7 Patriots.  Just wanting the TPLF to collapse.  After that, we were not old enough to think about the future of the country.

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