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Akbar leatest News To day Jun 22

The young people also plan to raise eggs and chickens for eggs.  He explained that there was no support from the woreda’s Office of Animal Resources Development, Technical Vocational and Enterprise Development Office and other agencies. 

In the rural kebele of the woreda, 32 female farmers are organized and are raising 1,500 chickens.  He said the farmers were given capital and training by a charity called Self-Help Africa.  In addition to their farming activities, he also said the poultry production is making them successful.

Asgard Woreda Agriculture Office Head of Animal Resources Development Group, Mrs. Birkie Haile, said that 13 young women and 32 women in rural areas are leading the livelihoods of the sector.  He said the sector is sensitive and that adequate training has been provided before going to work. 

He added that free consultancy services, vaccination of chickens, and market linkages are underway after commencement of the venture capital.  The group leader said that they are working to train more youth in rural and urban areas next year.

Reporter: Adam paralyzed by paralysis of the diseaseBahir Dar, June 10, 2012 (AFP) – The North Shoa Zone Health Department said it is continuing to look for drivers and people who have not been diagnosed with coronavirus.

The Zone Health Department announced yesterday that 22 people have been infected with corona virus in North Shoa Zone.  It was diagnosed in 79 people and 22 people were diagnosed with the virus.  We reported that there were 36 sperm from 79 investigators, and 16 of them had coronavirus.

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